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Greeting Cards that Brings Out the Visual and Motional Uniqueness of ASL

Laird’s Graphic specializes in Greeting cards in American Sign
Language (ASL).  The greeting cards contain sign language graphics as well as statements
that emphasize the meaning of the signs.  We offers an assortment of greeting cards for a
variety of occasions such as Happy Birthday, Get Well, Thank You, Wedding/Anniversary,
Graduation and Mother’s Day.  These cards appeal not only to deaf individuals, but
also to anyone looking for a unique card designed by a local artist for a
special occasion.  

All greeting cards feature:
* Customize card design for special occasions.
* A statement or phrase expressing the meaning of the sign.
* Designed on variety of high-quality paper stock.
* Variety of styles in American Sign Language.
* Personalized card design for businesses and churches.


To place an order or for more information, please contact Elaine at