About the Artist

Elaine photo (3 lighter trim)Elaine is a home-based Graphic Artist specializing in American Sign Language (ASL) products.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Louisville.

My artwork focuses on the visual elements of ASL such as hand signs, facial expression and body movements.  I draw using color pencils on sketch paper.  The drawing is then formatted on computer to create the final piece.

It’s inspiriting to see the delightful expressions on the faces of the deaf as they view Laird’s Graphic greetings, pictures, photo album designed in their native language.  It’s also exciting to see people who can hear signing “Thank You,” from a Thank You card or “sick” in a Get Well card.  Their delightful, compliments and humble suggestions are the reason I enjoy creating artwork in ASL.

Contact Elaine today – she can create unique artwork to meet your needs.
Elaine Laird
CEO – Laird’s graphic